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As Atılımtek, we value your health and society. We also care about the health of our employees. We definitely take all our measures within the scope of the instructions and suggestions of the relevant ministries. We informed our personnel by receiving in-service trainings from professionals in order to create personnel awareness. We often warn our staff about instructions. We know that this pandemic is reproducing from person to person. We are patiently following the directives for normalization by circumventing the process in a healthy way. We know that you contribute to this process by staying at home whenever possible, by wearing a mask when you go out, and by observing the social distance rule. We don't even need to mention the importance of hygiene. Here are the measures we have taken briefly & nbsp;


1. HYGIENE: We were informed that our staff should wash their hands frequently and clean their hands with disinfectants.
2. SOCIAL DISTANCE: Our seating arrangements in our workplace are arranged to be at least 2 m apart. Our personnel were informed about maintaining this distance when our customers went to their homes for service.
3. FIRE MEASUREMENT: At the entrance to the workplace, daily temperature measurement of our personnel is made.
4. DISINFECTED: First of all, our workplaces, warehouses, all our manned and unmanned fields, our vehicles, hand sets, offices and our clothes are regularly disinfected.
5. WORKING TIMES: The number of teams and working hours of our staff have been adapted according to the minimum person and hour rules.
6. AVOIDING THE CONTACT: We avoid contact for a while in our entire working life and workplace life. Maybe we can't shake our customers' hands, but we look forward to it.
7. CLEAN AIR: Natural ventilation grilles and air conditioning maintenance and filter changes have been made for all of our workplaces and service vehicles.
8. STORAGE: All products that reach us from outside such as spare parts - air conditioners - parcels that reach our company from the factories are kept in our warehouses for 3 to 5 days in order to break the possible cargo and distribution chain.
9. PAYMENT: In this process, we ask you to prefer contactless payment methods and transfer / eft.

& nbsp;


As a necessity of our age, our website is a must for renewed technological developments. adaptation, meeting the needs of our customers and sales - We renewed our services in order to provide fast and safe service.
We thank our solution partners and everyone who contributed to this concept.