Atılım-Tek, the leading brand of the air conditioning industry, operating under the roof of the technology retail chain, has been continuously growing and expanding for 21 years, serving with its sales and service network. With Iklimsa Authorized service and dealership, we have expanded our customer-oriented product range by adding strength. At the same time with our website, we provide a major contribution to second-hand air-conditioning industry in Turkey. Since our establishment, we have created many valuable customer portfolios and have been working in a friendly relationship with all our customers without exception. Atılım-Tek, which started its activities in Istanbul in 2000, serves in the field of air conditioning systems.

In addition to project and contracting works such as air conditioning piping, VRF air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, heat recovery systems in mass housing projects, it also performs air conditioning sales and maintenance installation works. Our organization, which plays an active role in many big projects in Istanbul, makes a name for itself with its business principle and experience. By acting exemplary in terms of work and worker safety, we have made investments that cannot be ignored. Taking part in large projects brings along with a disciplined work, the ability to have sufficient human resources. As Atılım-Tek, we are transforming the necessary personnel into regular in-service trainings under the roof of our company, and in a short time to pass them through orientations, into masters who work at Atılım-Tek quality, adhere to standard rules and have a business awareness. It is among our priorities to see the happiness of our employees reflected in their work.

Atılım-Tek, world brands Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Sharp, GEA (General Electric Appliances), its own brand Sigma, and A +++ energy efficiency, inverter technology, technological equipment and favorable payment terms offers a rich product range and service options to its customers. In addition, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which has superior Japanese technology, and its own brand Sigma, brings different products and price alternatives to consumers in professional series and multi-system (multi) air conditioners, which are mostly used in SMEs. In the professional series, it offers solutions with hall, cassette, channel, ceiling and floor-ceiling types.

In addition, there are wall, ducted and cassette type indoor unit options in multi system (multi) air conditioners. Atılım-Tek makes a difference with Samsung in professional air conditioning solutions for spaces that require project management such as banks, hospitals and schools.

Offering solutions with variable flow system air conditioners (VRF), Atılım-Tek's aim is to increase the quality of life of its consumers by showing full performance with smart air conditioning. Atılım-Tek's own brand Sigma Heat pumps are systems that can perform both heating and cooling in cases where heating systems based on electric or fossil fuels are not available or where installation costs are high. This system, which uses air, which is a renewable energy source without paying a fee, offers air-to-water heating and cooling functions for the use of consumers with high energy efficiency. Sharp refrigerator is also a product that provides solutions for retail customers in the white goods market. Plasmacluster, a proprietary air cleaning technology loaded with positive and negative ions, stands out from its competitors with its J-tech inverter technology that reduces energy consumption and ensures silent operation of the refrigerator, and its hybrid cooling system that controls the air flow and eliminates moisture inside the cabinet.

Atılım-Tek also sets an example for the sector after sales. Atılım-Tek, which provides quality and standard assembly service with its assembly set application, eliminates long-term risks with its "Additional Warranty Service". In addition, it continues to provide customer-oriented service with the most experienced service network and qualified service personnel in the sector by using the "Service on Mobile" application and a healthy information flow system.


To be a reliable company that is innovative, open to development, able to meet the expectations of its stakeholders and customers at a high level, sensitive to people and the environment, adopting being honest, principled, reliable, hardworking and researcher as a company culture, with business ethics, and a satisfied customer base.

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